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3 Best–Selling Europe Map Pin Boards to Track Your Adventures

3 best selling europe map pin boards track your adventures

Europe pinboard is a must-have item for travelers who love exploring the old continent and all of its wonders. It’s not only a great tool to mark the places you have visited around Europe but also to plan future vacations, road trips, or business trips.

Apart from the European countries and their capitals, the highly-detailed Europe pinboard includes hundreds of large and medium-sized cities, European islands, seas, bays, lakes, and rivers. So even the most adventurous travelers will find what they’re looking for!

3 Best–Selling Europe Map Pin Boards to Track Your Adventures

Why should you choose a Europe map pinboard from Trip Map?

There’s a wide variety of travel pinboards in the market, and sometimes it can become overwhelming to make the right choice. Trip Map has already delivered push pin maps to thousands of satisfied customers. Here’s what they have to say:

The map is just fantastic. Great quality and look beautiful. Also, the communication and service were amazing! Nice, fast, reliable. Thanks for a perfect shopping experience!” – Lydia L.

“I absolutely recommend this map! The product is wonderful: the colors are bright and the map is very detailed. It is always a pleasure to look at it (especially when I work), and it was very fun to pin all the places I have visited! The map was carefully packed for the shipping, and I could track it all the time.” – Patrick P.

Travelers around the world love our pinboards for these particular reasons:

  • Superb quality. Push pin travel maps from Trip Map stand out with their quality. They are printed on premium-quality canvas using original Canon inks that guarantee deep and vivid colors. By purchasing a Europe map pin board from Trip Map, you can rest assured that you’ll get an excellent product that will complement your home for many years to come. You can find out more about our quality here: Trip Map Quality
  • Wide variety of designs. In the Trip Map e-shop, you can find 12 original Europe map pin board designs that also come in three different sizes: medium (100×70 cm / 39,3×27,5 in), large (120×80 cm / 47,2×31,5 in), and extra-large (150×100 cm / 59×39,3 in). You’ll definitely find something to fit your sense of style, personality, and your interior! How to Choose the Size of a Push Pin Map?
3 Best–Selling Europe Map Pin Boards to Track Your Adventures

  • A wide selection of pins. Every Europe pin board comes with 100 pins already included in your purchase, and you can make a pick out of 16 different colors. Contrasting pins will make your map even more striking and vivid. You can use the pins to not only mark the places you have visited but also to pin photos, postcards, and other souvenirs reminding you of your warmest travel memories. 5 Ideas How to Create a Beautiful Travel Photo Gallery At Home

Europe pins boards: 3 best-selling maps

Of the 12 Europe pinboard designs, three are especially popular with our customers: Colorful Europe Map, Safari Europe Map, and Blue Europe Map.

Colorful Europe Map Pin Board

If you wish to liven up your interior with a beautiful piece of wall art, the Colorful Europe pinboard might be the right choice for you. The map stands out with its gorgeous bright colors, while at the same time doesn’t look too extravagant or flamboyant. It will nicely fit into light-colored, pastel, or Nordic-style interiors. 

You can match your Colorful Europe map pinboard with almost any color of pins. White, silver, or light blue are some of our recommendations.

3 Best–Selling Europe Map Pin Boards to Track Your Adventures

Safari Europe Map Pin Board

Safari is an amazing Europe pinboard design that combines various shades of brown and gray. Represented in contrasting colors, the countries on this map are especially easy to spot. Safari Europe pinboard perfectly fits into modern, warm-colored, or wooden interiors.

Gold, dark gold, or rose gold pins will add even more elegance to this gorgeous map, while orange or red pins will nicely stand out.

3 Best–Selling Europe Map Pin Boards to Track Your Adventures

Blue Europe Map Pin Board 

If you’re looking for a more classic choice, the Blue Europe pinboard won’t leave you disappointed. On this map, the European continent stands out as it’s represented in light sandy tones against the blue background. We recommend picking light blue and yellow pins to go with the map.

Blue Europe pinboard could nicely complement your office, living room, or any other space in your house! 
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3 Best–Selling Europe Map Pin Boards to Track Your Adventures
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