This is our team, smiling happy people who work hard to make your travel memories shine.

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Our approach


We help our clients make the right decision with all sincerity and accountability, and if there are any issues, we try and solve them together.


We manufacture the maps as if they were meant for our personal use. We are very thorough, don't compromise on quality, and strive for the best result.


We don’t only claim to be a team – we actually are one! Together, we solve all the issues, support each other, and do some fun after-work activities.

Our people

team member paulius
CEO and Co-founder


Responsible for the whole activity of the company, its processes, and the development of the project. After working hours, likes working out, spending time outdoors, and organizing friend-gatherings.
team member marta
Head of Marketing and Co-founder


The brains behind the idea, at the moment in charge of the project’s communication. Makes it as easy as possible for the clients to choose the right product. In her free time, enjoys reading books, hikes in nature, and sports.
team member mantvydas
Manufacturing Manager and Craftsman


The first Trip Map employee, a talented artisan, and our product-quality specialist. After work, jumps on his bike to drive long distances and does other sports.
team member lukas
Graphic Designer


Professionally creates new map designs. Has an eye for colors, design elements and is very attentive to detail. Apart from the usual leisure activities, such as watching movies or spending time outdoors, also plays basketball and chess.
team member edvardas


Joined us having years of experience in artisanship. Spends his free time in a country house that he continually tries to perfect. After work, his main role is to be a good dad.
team member aurimas
Warehouse and Packaging


Responsible for supervising our warehouse, remaining stock, product packaging, and shipping to clients. In his free time, likes playing computer games and solving complicated puzzles.

How to contact us?

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