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Push Pin Europe Maps on canvas are very detailed. You will find it labeled with these geographical details: The continent of Europe and all of the countries within it; The capitals of the countries and the biggest cities; Most of the islands; The biggest bodies of water: seas, bays, lakes, rivers.

You can select between 3 sizes – Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Medium size canvas is 100ร—70 cm / 39,3×27,5 in. It is our smallest push pin Europe map, but it has optimal size, fitting beautifully into medium-size rooms.

Large size of our push pin Europe map is 120×80 cm / 47,2×31,5 in. So, it is an intermediate option of our selection.

The extra large size of Europe map is 150ร—100 cm / 59×39,3 in. The map fills quite a big space, becomes the main accent of the room, and has plenty of space for the pins and pictures to be pegged. Hence, this push pin Europe map will impress you and others!