europe push pin map on canvas trip map

Maps on canvas with push pins, to mark all the places you have travelled, or have yet to visit.

It doesn’t really matter if you have only begun exploring the world, or if you are an avid traveller already – this Trip Map will keep reminding you to dream bigger, and as you do that, travel more.

The stylish Pin Map has all it takes to satisfy a traveller who has a home.

High quality, tasteful design and a wellspring of extra motivation. On this canvas you will be able to collect all your travel adventures, pin by pin – you can do that on your own, with your significant one, or with your whole family. As you pin the pictures or even souvenirs, this Trip Map canvas will become the canvas of your life journeys.


Made in Europe, keeping the highest production standards.
Natural canvas

100% natural canvas

makes for the fine looking texture. The exquisite material of canvas ensures the impression of a durable and classy interior decor detail.

Made for pinning

Solid foundation for the pins which comes from a foam panel filling construction. This allows for the map to hold more of your memories: pictures, souvenirs, badges.

Long lasting colors

Vibrant, vivid and long lasting colors guaranteed by the premium ink and Giclée print quality.
Beautiful design

Beautifully designed

Stylish design options which won’t go out of fashion in the nearest season. Minimalistic style gracefully maintains its dignity, and won’t get old even after many years.

A soft matte glow

A soft matte glow created by a protective coating layer. It will make the long-lasting colors stay with you for many anniversaries to come.

Lightweight construction

Lightweight construction which is made from the natural wood underframe.
Ready to hang

Ready to hang

There are hooks for hanging on the right and left corners of the frame already attached. So that without using too much effort you could hang the map in stable position.
easy care

Easy care

Because of the protective coating layer, you can easily clean the dust or fingerprints. Just be gentle, it is still like a painting.
trip map world maps
how to make push pin map diy
tripmapworld push pin world map made of
We make maps as detailed as possible


We made the maps not merely pleasing to the eye, but we have specified some certain useful geographical locations as well, which is going to be helpful in the planning of your new trips.
push pin world map detailed grey white


  • Continents, countries with borders;
  • International Boundaries and countries;
  • International capital cities;
  • International Major Cities;
  • All states of USA and Canada;
  • Major Cities of states;
  • Major Water Features.

push pin europe map navy blue canvas


  • The continent of Europe and all of the countries within it.
  • The capitals of the countries and the biggest cities.
  • Most of the islands.
  • The biggest bodies of water: seas, bays, lakes, rivers.

usa push pin travel map tripmap


  • The United States and state capitals;
  • Large and medium-sized cities;
  • Oceans, lakes, and rivers;
  • US National Parks;
  • Top peaks of the highest mountains.

push pin world map wall art trip map world


We can make custom size if you need one. Please contact us about prices of custom sizes by email [email protected]

85×60 cm / 33,4x23,6 in

For the small spaces, narrow niches, walls of limited width. This is a good option if you would really like to have a map, but you don’t have space for a bigger one.

100×70 cm / 39,3x27,5 in

Optimal size, fitting also into medium-size rooms. There you could hang this size map quite easily, or place it on a cupboard. On this one, even on the small countries, you could peg more than one pin.

150×100 cm / 59x39,3 in

Fills quite a big space, becomes the main accent of the room, and has plenty of space for the pins and pictures to be pegged.
trip map on canvas with push pins world map


This map will surprise even the pickiest traveler.
Dark green world map canvas with pins

Birthday present

A unique birthday present for your traveling friends, parents, kids and other loved ones.

Wedding gift

A wedding gift to start off the couple’s new life together.

Graduation gift

A graduation gift for a discovery-hungry young person.

Retirement gift

A retirement gift for active seniors.

This map will surprise even the pickiest traveler, excellently fitting as a present for Christmas, Valentine’s day, as an engagement gift, or for any other important celebration. Perhaps, there’s no occasion needed?


push pin map interior tripmap