blue map to tell travel story tripmap 600x400

A travel map that tells your personal story

Using pins, you’ll be able to collect your travel memories — either on your own, in a couple, or with the whole family. Every single dot will remind you of the adventures that you’ve got yourself into, or the sunny beaches and the breathtaking mountains that you’ve witnessed.

By pinning pictures or souvenirs onto the map, you can even turn it into an impressive travel journal. And it will definitely become a conversation-starter when friends come over!

trip map world christmas gift idea world map

An inspiration to travel and discover

A map that you see every day will make you dream about potential travel destinations for the future. Not only you can discover new places to visit, but also mark them with pins.

A travel map in your home will spark motivation to not postpone new experiences, discover the world and collect your travel memories.

couples travel map with pins dusty pink

A stylish and meaningful piece of interior décor

A stylish push pin map on canvas is perfect for a traveler’s home: it has high quality, tasteful design, and sparks additional motivation. Not only it’s a nice decoration, but it also creates a traveling mood in your home. You can also study the geographical locations, either by yourself or with your kids. 

All of the map designs are being tested before we offer them to clients – we can assure you that all the text on the map will be easy-to-read. 

burgundy map as christmas gift tripmap 600x400

An amazing gift

For those who have it all, you can gift the whole world! A push pin map on canvas is a wonderful and exceptional present for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, or retirements. It can also be great for Christmas, Valentine’s day, engagements, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Or maybe you don’t even need an occasion?

4 Light-Tone World Maps with Capitals and Cities to Liven Up Your Interior

Detailed and professional maps

Our detailed maps (of the World, Europe, Lithuania, UK & Ireland, Germany, and the USA) have been composed by professional cartographers. All of the data printed on the maps are relevant for today. You’ll easily find countries, cities and other locations that you’ve visited.

The world map has even 2500 cities!

trip map world quality

We manufacture everything by ourselves in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU)

All of the manufacturing processes are being carefully monitored by us. For production, we use our studio in Vilnius (Verkiu st. 5). The biggest attention is being placed on the quality and durability of our product.

We only choose materials from trustworthy European suppliers, and we follow their recommendations to offer the best print quality in the market.


Made in Europe, keeping the highest production standards.
Natural canvas

Natural canvas

Makes for the fine looking texture. The exquisite material of canvas ensures the impression of a durable and classy interior decor detail.


Made for pinning

Solid foundation for the pins which comes from a foam panel filling construction. This allows for the map to hold more of your memories: pictures, souvenirs, badges.


Long lasting colors

Vibrant, vivid and long lasting colors guaranteed by the premium ink and Giclée print quality.

Beautiful design

Beautifully designed

Stylish design options which won’t go out of fashion in the nearest season. Minimalistic style gracefully maintains its dignity, and won’t get old even after many years.


A soft matte glow

A soft matte glow created by a protective coating layer. It will make the long-lasting colors stay with you for many anniversaries to come.


Lightweight construction

Lightweight construction which is made from the natural wood underframe.

Ready to hang

Ready to hang

There are hooks for hanging on the right and left corners of the frame already attached. So that without using too much effort you could hang the map in stable position.

easy care

Easy care

Because of the protective coating layer, you can easily clean the dust or fingerprints. Just be gentle, it is still like a painting.