Overall quality of our maps is very important to our team. We care not only about the professional and correct geographical data but also about the physical aspects of the product. All of the “TripMaps” are printed using Giclée technique. This method ensures the astonishing resolution, rich and non-fading colors. It is even used in museums and galleries to create reproductions of paintings.

It all starts with the professionally composed maps

We have licenses for all of our detailed maps (or for the geographical data, to be precise). They were all made by professional cartographers in Lithuania and England. It ensures that the geographical data presented on the map will be relevant and correct.

detailed world maps with pins tripmapworld

More expensive but long-lasting print

1️⃣ We only use quality canvas from European suppliers. It not only helps to obtain rich and bright colors, but the picture itself is long-lasting, and the material will not turn yellow. All the geographical data is clear and easy-to-read. We tested no less than 5 canvas variations and we chose the highest quality and best reputation product.

2️⃣ For printing, we use Canon PRO-4000 printer. But even more important is the ink that we use. We only pick certified original pigment Canon ink (produced in Japan, Canon company). It ensures the rich and deep tones, doesn’t extract any toxic materials and doesn’t peel off or change color with time.

3️⃣ All of the maps on canvas are protected with a special varnish made especially for PRINT and produced in Europe. This is what makes the colors to stand out even more (black becomes even more black), the print becomes resistant to the sunlight, and you can easily clean the dust or dirt from the map. Incorrectly polished canvas could start fading away already after half a year or a year. Canvas without any polish can only be used for a short-term exposition, yet a map could hang in our home for decades! We are manufacturing our maps in such a way that they could survive those decades.

4️⃣ The maps are being fixed on a wooden underframe, produced in Europe. It ensures lightweight, it is not harmful to the environment and it firmly retains the shape of the picture.

5️⃣ The maps are being filled with a foam board that creates a firm background for the pins. The final product is signed by the professional handyman by which it was manufactured.

high quality push pin canvas maps tripmapworld

We are controlling ALL of the manufacturing processes by ourselves

The maps are being created in our studio in Vilnius, Lithuania (Europe). This way we can ensure that even the slightest details won’t slip unnoticed. We are creating an ethical and friendly work environment, responsibly choosing our team members that value quality.

Maps that remain unchanged for 80+ years

The well-made picture on canvas and quality-tested materials ensure that our maps will remain unchanged for over 80 years. We didn’t just create this number – it is determined by the suppliers that had made various tests especially for that. We follow their recommendations in the manufacturing process.

trip map world map pinboards quality

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