Hi there, travelers!

We are Marta and Paulius, the idea originators and project creators behind Trip Map – push pin travel maps on canvas.

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How did everything start, you ask?

These stylish maps were a result of a personal need. In 2017, we desired a map for our home that would fit our particular taste: it had to be stylish, modern and nicely complementing our interior. And of course, we wanted to mark our travels on it!

Eventually, we decided that a map on canvas could be a unique picture, and would fit our purpose as well. After a few tries, we had our first version – at the moment, it is hanging at our home.

trip map world push pin maps

And how did it turn into a business?

Our friends liked the map we created, so we thought, maybe other people would like it as well? At that point, the name “Trip Map” was born. In the beginning, we only had one world map design. But after receiving a lot of requests, we started cooperating with talented designers. With their help, we are constantly adding new colors to our selection.

We even started participating in various fairs and met lots of wonderful travelers! It is also very important that eventually, our idea turned into a full-time job. We are proud to receive some nice attention in the news portals, radio shows, and even television!

trip map world team

We grew to have our own studio

We put a lot of work and effort until we were finally able to manage the production and processes completely by ourselves. It was a wonderful moment when in 2018, we opened our studio in Vilnius! Our team has also been expanding with new people – they put a lot of effort to ensure that Trip Map remains the quality leader.

Genuine teamwork, great work environment, and satisfied clients have been our priorities from the very beginning.

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What's next?

We are constantly expanding in Europe and all the World. We are hoping to surprise our clients with new design maps, as well as other new products.

But who knows – maybe we’ll all just leave to travel the world!