Hello Traveler!

We are Marta and Paul, founders of Trip Map.

For years we were those two people who were constantly talking about their past and future travel destinations in every party or meeting ever attended. No kidding, we even had an old-school political map we bought in a bookstore! We used to pack it together with the rest of our luggages every time we moved into a new house (and it happened more than once.. or twice.. or…).

We see, you get it now! The idea to create a unique World Map canvas was always somewhere around the corner waiting for that perfect moment. Thus, one trip was followed by another until we realised we have to keep track of these amazing adventures!

That was exactly the moment it hit us. Consciously or not, but this is how Trip Map was born – a push pin Travel map printed with premium ink on a museum quality canvas that is not only a delightful decor element but a personal travel diary to mark every adventure. Pin photos, tickets, souvenirs or anything you feel like pinning and make Trip Map – Your Travel Map.


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Clients. Processes. Quality.


Colors. Ideas. Maps.


Positive. Ideas. Maps.

Push Pin Maps are produced in our studio located in Vilnius, Lithuania (Europe)

We appreciate the quality and believe that it is important to our customers. Our priority is the longevity of the map and stunning look. We choose the best materials and use a high-end professional Canon printer that delivers a striking color range.

Shipping Worldwide

Our team is located in the geographical center of Europe. We are happy to ship our beautifully designed maps worldwide!
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