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Hanging system used for travel maps from Trip map

push pin world map wall art trip map world

While working and creating the best version of Trip map, subsequently we came to a point where we had to decide how to hang it. This is really crucial because it has to be stable and easy to use! But what kind of hanging options exists and how to select the best hanging system for travel maps?

Traditional wires

The wires are traditionally used to hang artwork, pictures or canvas. Accordingly, that was the first selection and we have tested it. Though, we were not satisfied with the result. It was not stable on the wall. Especially when we tried to mark the points on the map with the pins: travel map was swinging. For that reason, you must hold one corner while pinning, because it is shifting. This is not a very good experience!

Hanging system on a corners

Hence we have tried another option – adjustable corner hangers. First notice was these hangers does not cause travel maps to tip away from the wall when hung. Also, it does not expose unsightly hardware on the backside. However, the most significant difference compared to the traditional hanging method was noted – the stability of the map on the wall.

push pin travel map hanger on the corner

Trip map holds still on the wall then we pin the map with the pins. It feels like the map is glued or drilled to the wall and makes one structure with it. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve. The map has to be used, not hanged and forgotten. So it is really fun and exciting!

The first used method, the traditional with the wires, made the map shift and move when doors slam or when extraneous movements occur. Now, if you want to move or adjust the map you have to use a little bit of muscle.

Additionally, the hangers have “leveling teeth” or “adjustable steps”. Therefore you can switch the map and adjust it if you drilled the screws or attached the damage-free hangers unevenly.

backside of push pin map
Later on, we noticed that these corner hanger adds strength to corners of frames and allows you to hang travel map fast and easy. We believe, that it is the best hanging system for travel maps.

hanging on a wall travel map with pins

Hanging system + the wire

Of course, you can attach the wires to the corners and hang the map, if you have to put on the one screw or replace the existing wall-art with the travel map. It should be ok, but we do not recommend it. The map hanged with wires reduces the stability and diminishes pinning experience.

pinning world map hanged on a wire

Your call – hanging system and / vs. the wires

This hanging system for travel maps keeps the map on the same level and steady against your wall. Therefore, this a clear call while making a decision, but at the end it is your call how to hang it. We strive to provide the best possible option for Trip map owners and you can make as you wish!   

push pin map on wall tripmap

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