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We make maps as detailed as possible. Detailed map on canvas not merely pleasing to the eye, but we have specified some certain useful geographical locations as well, which is going to be helpful in the planning of your new trips.

Detailed World maps with pins on canvas include these geographical points: Continents, countries with borders; International Boundaries and countries; International capital cities; International Major Cities; All states of USA and Canada; Major Cities of states; Major Water Features.

Push pin USA maps on canvas include these geographical points: The United States and state capitals; Large and medium-sized cities; Oceans, lakes, and rivers; US National Parks; Top peaks of the highest mountains. All of which you mark with pins as future travel destination or trips made in the past.

Push pin Europe pinboard maps include these geographical details: The continent of Europe and all of the countries within it; The capitals of the countries and the biggest cities; Most of the islands; The biggest bodies of water: seas, bays, lakes, rivers.