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Man with Pins

Whether you’re looking for an interesting decoration for your home interior, a fun way to document your travels (alone or together with the family members), or a practical accessory for your office – a map with pins is an excellent choice. With a lot of different map designs to choose from, in the “Trip Map” e-shop, you’ll definitely find what you wish for.

We offer the world, Europe, USA, England & Ireland maps with pins in various sizes, all composed by professional cartographers, hand-made in our own studio using only certified, high-quality materials. Printed on canvas, our travel maps will retain their original look and vivid colors for 80+ years.

A map with pins can be used in a lot of different ways. By choosing different colors of pins, you can create your own pinning logic and mark the places you have visited, plan to visit soon, or even create a full-scale route for your next trip. You can also assign different colors of pins to different family members so that everyone can track their own travel adventures.

A map with pins can also serve in your business: use the map to pin the locations of your stores, offices, etc. You can also mark the cities or towns where you plan to expand your business to, where your company events will be taking place, or maybe where your major clients are located.

To give some extra personal touch to your push pin map, take an opportunity to personalize it. You can add the names of the travelers on the map, a personalized map’s legend, an inspiring quote, or even your company’s logo. Check out the various options to personalize your map with pins here: “7 Ideas for Personalized World Traveler Map”.

If you wish to have even more fun with your map, pin not only various locations but also postcards, pictures, tickets, and other travel souvenirs. Be creative and let the map with pins tell your personal story!