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Personalized Map

A personalized map can be a unique interior decoration that will not only remind you of your travel adventures but will also represent your personality and your view of the world. By adding a text or some other personal detail on the corner of the map, you can make your push pin travel map truly special!

There are several ways to personalize your travel map, and the choice mainly depends on two things: who’s going to be using the map and what you wish the map to represent. One great option is to add the names of the travelers on the map. It can either be one person or a traveling couple — the map will then represent the travels of the people whose names are on the map. Such a personalized map can also be a great gift for someone’s birthday, a wedding, or any other occasion.

Another way to personalize your map, especially if you have a larger travel-loving family, is to add a personalized map legend. In such a case, the names of travelers will be written down as bullet points in the map’s legend. Every person can also be assigned a different color of pins, which they can use to pin their own travels. A personalized map legend can also be used to distinguish between the places you have already visited, the places you plan to visit in the future, and your bucket-list destinations.

You can also add a personalized text on the corner of the map. A lot of our clients choose to add an inspiring, motivational, or simply interesting travel quote, but it can also be any other text you want, for example, a greeting for the recipient (if the map is a gift for someone).

Personalizing your travel map with an inspiring quote is a great choice for those who don’t want to attach a specific name to the travel map. A well-chosen quote will also give you motivation and inspire you to seek adventures every day. To make it easier, we’ve gathered some of the best travel quotes here: “40 Inspiring Quotes to Personalize your Push Pin Travel Map”.

Here are some more ideas on how to personalize your travel map: “7 Ideas for Personalized World Traveler Map”.