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Vintage World Map on Canvas: 5 Special Features

vintage world map canvas interior

Vintage world map on canvas has a few special design features that our other maps don’t. We created it picturing in our minds a classical interior, vintage style resembling home. It is important to note that the cartographic data (countries, cities, etc.) on the antique design map is meeting the actual current information.

Wondering if this map suits you? Below you’ll find close-up pictures for a more thorough examination. And now I’m going to further explain how this push pin map is different from the other ones in our selection.


This world map has natural terrain and mountains on it. The relief can be seen both in the continents and water. You can easily find the Alps, the Caucasus, and the Himalayan mountains. The relief helps when you’re looking for specific places that you traveled through, hiked in, or in case you just want to have more information to examine. The mountainous areas are represented delicately; they’re not standing out as much as in our colorful political map.

vintage travel world map with pins


The map is engraved with squared dotted lines. They are representing geographical data – longitudes and latitudes. The lines not only give practical information (for example, if you want to find the equator) but also a certain uniqueness for the antique style map.

Longitudes and latitudes can also be seen in the yellow/golden world map from our selection.

vintage world map pinboard with pins


We gave an extra effect to the continental part. As if it was painted in watercolors! All the continental borders are darkened, and the blending colors give a visual effect of being painted by hand. If you ever examine antique travel maps – you’ll find similar details in them.

modern vintage world map wall decor


After being printed on canvas, the map not only has the texture of the material itself but also gets the effect of printing. The latter reflects the pattern of an antique paper, papyrus or something similar. Because of this design solution, the colors and the map itself doesn’t look too flat or rigid.

vintage world map with pins


In the creative process, we never miss the essential details. How could we have created a vintage map without an vintage print, resembling the one done by a typewriter? We used this type of print for all of the objects: countries, cities, water bodies. The final result will fit in nicely in a classical-style home with wooden details.

We used a similar print in the playful retro-style world map from our selection.

vintage push pin world map

This map fits with most of our pins. If you want to retain the classical style, we recommend these colors: dark gold, silver, black, or white.

We are glad that the new maps, just like this one, quickly become popular. If you have an idea what kind of map we should create – please leave a comment below or drop us a message at [email protected]

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