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Extra Large Push Pin World Map – For Those Who Dream Big!


Some say that size doesn’t matter, but that’s definitely not the case with our extra-large push pin world map! This huge, awe-inspiring map on canvas helps you dream big, attracts attention, and becomes a conversation starter when guests come over. If you like to impress people with your travel stories, why not also impress them with a giant visualization of your dreams and adventures?

So, how big is this extra-large push pin world map?

In the Trip Map e-shop, travel maps come in four different sizes: extra-large, large, medium, and small. Our largest push pin world map is 150 x 100 cm / 59 x 39.3 inches, and takes up the space of 1,5 square meters (~16.15 square feet)!

Just to compare, the extra-large travel map is more than twice bigger than our medium map, which is 100 x 70 cm / 39.3 x 27.5 inches. Even in such a big size, the extra-large push pin world map is actually not that heavy. It weighs around 4 kg (8,8 pounds), so you can easily carry it and hang it on any wall.

How to hang a Trip Map travel map on a wall without drilling?

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Why should I choose such a giant wall map?

There are a few reasons why bigger is better. First of all, the larger the map, the more impressive it looks. It can liven up any space in your home and become the main highlight of your interior. Such a huge pinboard will also attract the attention of your guests and inspire everyone to share their travel stories.

Second, a large world map is much easier to read and examine. It’s a great choice for those who want to use the map as a motivational or education tool, explore new travel destinations, and learn some geography.

Third, an extra-large size gives you extra space for pinning. You can not only mark all of the wonderful places you have visited around the world but also pin some travel photos and other souvenirs onto the map. Such a large world map on canvas is just perfect for creating a beautiful travel photo gallery.

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How is the extra-large push pin world map made?

Like all of our travel maps, the extra-large world map is handmade with love and care in our own studio, using only the highest-quality materials. The maps are printed with original Canon inks on a premium quality canvas, covered with a protective layer of varnish, and stretched on wooden underframes.

When manufacturing extra-large travel maps, it is extremely important to keep them as lightweight as possible. By using glued natural pinewood underframes, and a foam panel to fill in the construction, we can ensure you that our travel maps are both light, firm, and sturdy – just perfect for hanging and pinning.

You can read more about how the maps are made here: Trip Map Quality


How to choose the design of my extra-large world map on canvas?

When choosing the design of your extra-large world map, you need to consider a few things: the style and color palette of your interior, and where the map will be hung.

The latter point is probably the most important since the extra-large format requires quite a lot of space. You need to think things through and measure the wall you want the map to be hung on in advance. Giant wall maps best fit in large living rooms, spacious hallways, or apartments with high ceilings, but of course, every home is different, so it’s entirely your choice.

If you need more ideas on where to hang your huge world map, please read: Push Pin Travel Maps: 6 Ideas Where to Hang

In the Trip Map e-shop, we offer 30 original extra-large world map designs, so you can definitely find something that satisfies your taste. For example, a large black and white world map would fit in almost any interior, but you can also choose something from our pastel or bright-colored maps selection.

Vintage and retro designs are also an interesting option, perfect for classic interiors or those looking for beautiful wall art. And let’s not forget the political world map – it’s the best for educational purposes.

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How will my extra-large push pin world map be delivered?

When purchasing such a big world map to hang on your wall, you might have some concerns about its delivery. No need to worry! It doesn’t matter in which corner of the world you are, all of our travel maps are safely and carefully packed for international journeys and will reach your doorstep ready to use.

To prevent damage during shipment, we firstly use a special wrap that protects the map from humidity and touching. After that, the map is wrapped into a bubble wrap and finally, packed into a thick and sturdy cardboard box.

All of the maps are shipped through trustworthy courier delivery services – so you can be sure that your giant wall map will reach you safe and sound!

Read more about Push pin map’s journey from ordering to delivery here.

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A personalized extra-large world map as an impressive gift

Every push pin travel map purchased in the Trip Map e-shop can be personalized to better represent the owner of the map. For example, you can add the name or names of travelers, an inspiring quote, a greeting for the recipient, or a personalized legend onto the map, and make it more unique.

A personalized extra-large push pin world map can be a super impressive gift for your partner, friends, or family members for various occasions. This grand gesture will definitely be appreciated by your loved ones, just make sure that they have enough space in their homes to accommodate such a majestic piece of wall art.

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