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Push Pin Travel Maps: 6 Ideas Where to Hang


Push pin travel maps on canvas are not an ordinary component of house decor. On the map, you can mark your past trips, future plans, tag your dream destinations. By simply examining the map, you can expand your geographical knowledge. You can choose a travel map according to your travel destinations and needs: we offer maps that represent the whole world, Europe, and the USA. Sometimes you can even combine a few of them! For example, on the world map, you can mark the countries you’ve visited, and on the map of Europe, you can find smaller cities and more specific places.

Our clients hang Trip Map prints on canvas in different places of their homes. Some of these places are open to anyone, and some are more intimate or personal. Below we’re sharing with you 6 ideas on where you could hang your own map and what the pros and cons of every place are.


The living room is the place for relaxation, chats, movies, and meet-ups with friends. You probably wish to create coziness in this room, and you’re using some interior décor to do it. A push pin map would definitely find a place here! Popular hanging places include: above the couch, above a chest of drawers, or simply on a spacious empty wall.


  • The map is visible to all the family members;
  • It is also visible to your guests and is an easy conversation-starter;
  • It becomes the main focus of the room;
  • It is seen every day.


  • If you hang it over a couch or other huge piece of furniture, it might be hard to reach it to put in a pin.
world map black and white canvas pinboard
Black & White push pin world map
green violet push pin map on the wall
Green/violet push pin world map over a sofa
world map grey with pins
Grey/cream world map with pins in living room
black and white world map canvas livingroom decor
Modern black and white world map pinboard


Sometimes the dining area is connected to the living room, and sometimes they’re separate. Either way, it’s a place where family members meet for delicious breakfasts and dinners; you probably have your festive lunches here or play board games. In this family meeting point, a map on canvas could nicely fit in, and become the medium for planning family future trips. Usually, the map is hung on a spacious wall right next to the dining table.


  • The map is visible to all family members;
  • It is seen every day;
  • It is easily approachable to put in a pin.


  • If the dining area is in the same space as the kitchen, the fat of the cooking food or steam might set down on the print.
yellow world map push pin travel
Yellow push pin world map in dining room
world wall map with pins green
Green/violet world map with pins in the dining room
dark blue world map with pins
Dar blue map of the world with pins
interior ideas with travel map
Ocean blue push pin world map in the Scandinavian interior


It’s becoming more popular to have an office or a workspace at your own home. If you’re a freelancer and have a working space at home, it’s a good place to hang your travel map. Hung in the office, the map could inspire you to reach for your goals, and not put off your vacation for a distant future when all the work will be finished (believe me, work is never finished). The map is usually hung on an empty wall over the work desk.


  • The map can be seen every day;
  • It is easily approachable when you want to put in a pin;
  • It motivates you to reach for your goals.


  • It is usually only visible for the person using the office, and not for the rest of the family or friends.
map interior decor push pin world canvas
Green/violet travel map of the world in the office space
pink world travel map with pins
Pink world map pinboard
world map work room
Violet push pin world map


A map in the kids’ room serves as both a piece of interior decor and an educational object. From the young days, you can mark the places you’ve visited together with your child, help them learn the names of different countries and talk about future trips. In the kids’ room, we recommend hanging the map over a shelf where you’re also going to place travel souvenirs or on an empty spacious wall.


  • Your child can see the map every day;
  • It serves as educational material;
  • It’s a meaningful piece of interior décor.


  • It’s not at all times visible to all the family members.
travel map for family to track places they've visited
Push pin world map for kid’s
children room interior decor world map
Grey and white world map wall art with pins


The bedroom is an oasis for resting, reading books and relaxing. Usually, it is only visited by you and your other half (if you have one), and you’re trying to create a cozy, personal atmosphere here. The map could be hanged over the bed or on any other available wall.


  • You can see the map every morning and evening;
  • You can plan your trips alone or with your loved one in an intimate environment;
  • It helps you dream before you go to sleep.


  • The map is not visible to all the family members and friends.
push pin world map on canvas with pins tripmapworld
Desert sand push pin world map
bedroom travel decor ideas world map
Green/violet push pin travel map
world map in bedroom
Violet world map to track places you’ve visited


If you have a spacious home, there’s probably plenty of space in your hallway or corridor. In these areas, there’s usually a huge wall that can be used for creative solutions, such as a photo gallery or drawings on the wall. Moreover, it’s an original place to hang a push pin map.


  • The map is visible to all the family members and friends;
  • It is seen every day;
  • It is easily approachable if you want to put in a pin.


  • The house entrance can get a bit crowded when the family gathers to examine the map and plan trips.
black and white world map with pins tripmapworld
Black and white canvas map on wall
world map pinboard canvas black and white
Hallway decor – push pin black world map

Push Pin Travel Maps to track your travels

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