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4 Light-Tone World Maps with Capitals and Cities to Liven Up Your Interior

4 Light-Tone World Maps with Capitals and Cities to Liven Up Your Interior

Are you a passionate world traveler looking to document your travel adventures in a meaningful and engaging way? A push-pin world map with capitals and cities will help you track all of the places you have visited around the globe, and create a beautiful keepsake of your travel memories.

For bright, pastel, or Nordic-style interiors, we recommend choosing one of our light-tone, highly detailed world maps on canvas: Desert Sand, Grey, Sky Blue, or Retro Light Blue. Such a map will nicely complement and liven up the space you hang it in, whether it’s your living room, a studio, or a spacious hallway.

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Why should you choose a light-tone world map with capitals and cities?

There are many reasons why choosing one of our light-tone world maps is a good idea:

  • First of all, light, clear tones will nicely blend into most spaces. Whether you have a bright, pastel, or Nordic-style interior, a light-tone map will liven up the room without standing out too much.
  • Second, a light-tone world map is a very elegant and classic choice that will never go out of style. Even if you decide to change your interior over time, or move to a different place, such a map will fit into your home much easier than some extravagant alternative.
  • Third, a light-tone world map with capitals and cities can be a safe choice for a gift. While more colorful, flamboyant maps are also very appealing, you’ll need to be extremely careful when matching them with the color palette and style of the interior.

In the Trip Map e-shop, you can find four different light-tone world map designs, all originally created by our talented designers.

grey push pin world map with pins

1. Push Pin World Map – Desert Sand

This light pastel world map reminds you of the different shades of desert sand and looks very delicate. It will nicely blend into most interiors, especially if you hang it on a white or another light-tone wall. The countries on this map are filled with very light pinkish and sandy tones, and most of the text is printed in dark mahogany color.

One of the main advantages of this world map is that by using dark or bright colored pins, you can easily show the contrast between the countries and cities you have already visited and the rest of the world. Black or golden pins will suit especially well for this purpose.

beige map with golden pins

2. Push Pin World Map – Grey

This subtle grey and white world map is a popular choice among clients that have Nordic or IKEA-style homes. The continents on the map are filled with various shades of grey, and the oceans are white. The names of the countries, oceans, and seas are printed in golden color, while the rest of the text is black, dark grey, and blue.

Looking at this world map you’ll understand that grey definitely doesn’t mean boring – the map looks very impressive, and you can liven it up even more by using different colors of pins. Either choose a combination of a few different vivid colors of pins (like yellow, pink, and purple), or try the metallic choices – gold, dark gold, or rose gold.

best world map canvas grey

3. Push Pin World Map – Sky Blue

This blue world map with countries and cities stands out with its refreshing, clean look, reminding of a blue sky on a sunny day. On this map, the continents are filled with different shades of blue, and the oceans are white. The text is printed in dark mahogany and various blue tones.

Even though light in tone, this pastel map looks very vivid. You can nicely match it with blue, purple, or metallic pins – for example, gold, or rose gold. By pinning some beautiful travel photos onto the sky blue world map, you can also create a beautiful picture gallery.

mint color push pin wall map

4. Push Pin World Map – Retro Light Blue

The Retro Light Blue political world map with capitals is a great choice for those who look for something special and extraordinary. Such a map will add some extra style and elegance into most bright, warm, or earth-tone interiors, and match nicely with wooden furniture.

The countries on this highly detailed world map are colored with light pastel shades of grey, green, sandy pink, and purple, while the oceans are light blue. The retro feeling of the map is created by using a special print, reminding of an old typewriter, and adding a dashed black and white border.

pin board retro wall map world

What’s so special about the highly detailed world maps from Trip Map?

The four light-tone world maps we are offering are all highly detailed, which means they contain not only the world countries and their capitals but also a bunch of big cities and other geographical data.

On every map, you’ll find these geographical features:

  • All of the world’s countries and their capitals;
  • 2,500 major cities labeled and marked;
  • The state borders of the USA, Canada, Australia, China, and Brazil;
  • All of the world’s oceans and seas, many lakes, and rivers;

Highly detailed world maps with capitals and cities have a lot of advantages. You can mark the places you have visited more accurately, easily pick your next destination, or examine the map and use it as an educational tool.

Composed by professional cartographers in the UK, and printed in high resolution, the highly detailed world maps stand out with their precision. Even the smallest text on the map is easy to read, while the geographical data is relevant and up-to-date.

Why Is It Worth Choosing a Detailed Push Pin World Map?

Which Push Pin World Map to Choose? High Detailed or Regular?

In the Trip Map e-shop, all of the highly detailed world maps with capitals and cities come in three different sizes: extra-large (150×100 cm), large (120×80 cm), and medium (100×70 cm). You can choose the size that best fits in your interior, but remember – the larger the map, the more space you’ll have to safeguard all of your travel memories!

How to Choose the Size of a Push Pin Map?

How are the light-tone world maps with capitals and cities made?

Push-pin world maps from Trip Map are handmade with love and care in our own studio in Lithuania. They are all printed with original Canon inks on high-quality canvas, set on wooden underframes, filled with firm foam panels, and protected with a layer of special varnish for print.

With the careful manufacturing process and the certified materials that we use, we can guarantee that you’ll get the best quality product that will give you joy for many years to come. Whichever of the light-tone world maps you decide to choose, you can rest assured that even after several decades the colors will remain bright and vivid, and the map won’t lose its shape or appeal.

More about the Trip Map Quality here.

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