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Which Push Pin World Map to Choose? High Detailed or Regular?

canvas push pin map of the world tripmapworld

The selection of push pin world maps in our shop is constantly growing. At the moment we have two different map layouts: the regular one (less detailed) and the high detailed one. How are they different? And are those differences huge?

Even without a thorough examination, you can easily distinguish between the two kinds of maps. If there’s Antarctica on the map – then it’s in the detailed maps’ category. The proportions of the continents on the detailed map are also different compared with the non-detailed map. The shape is one of the most substantial aspects but not the only one.

Less detailed world map (Europe close-up)
High detailed world map (Europe close-up)

The detailed map contains many more cities, islands, lakes, rivers, bays, and other geographical elements. At first it might seem that the detailed map is the better choice, however, for some this map can look a bit too full with details, not as much resembling a painting.

Less detailed world map (Asia close-up)
High detailed world map (Asia close-up)

So which one to choose? Below you can find the pros and main qualities of both types of maps. Hopefully, it will help you decide!


  • Less text on the map makes it look more spacious, and visually not as overloaded.
  • Because of its shape and less text, it looks more like a painting or wall art.
  • The font on this map is larger, that is why it can also be manufactured in a small format (85×60 cm).
  • There’s more space around the continents – it’s a good place to pin pictures or other travel souvenirs.
  • The map is perfect for those who only travel to a certain country once or twice.
World travel map pinboard tripmapworld
Less detailed world map with pins


  • It contains lots of text and data – perfect for those who love precision.
  • More geographical data makes it suitable for teaching kids.
  • It is recommended for those who travel a lot and come back to the same countries a few times; also for those who love islands.
  • There’s lots of text on this map and the letters are minute (but still easy-to-read!). That is why we cannot offer the smallest format (85×60) of this map. If you plan to gift the map to an older person or someone who doesn’t have a good vision, we recommend choosing the largest format (150×100).
  • You’ll find Antarctica on the map – for those who travel even further!
map for tracking adventures tripmapworld
High detailed push pin world map


  • Are manufactured the same: both are made out of natural canvas with high-quality print and are covered with a protective layer of polish.
  • Give the same feeling of joy to the receiver: either it’s you or your loved one :).
  • Add some extra style to your interior and preserve your travel memories.
large black world map with pins
Large black world map with pins
map interior decor push pin world canvas
World map with pins in the office space

The choice depends on your taste and practicality– just think what your own situation requires. Do you need precision and accuracy? Or maybe just a beautiful design? If you still have doubts about which map would suit you best – please contact us on Facebook or e-mail us at hello@tripmapworld.com. We’ll help you decide.

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