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Pink World Map: A Great Choice for Romantic Travelers

couples travel map with pins dusty pink

Every travel junky needs a push-pin world map to show off their travel experiences and visualize their travel goals. But if you’re looking for something truly special, consider choosing one of our beautifully designed pink world maps. This way, you’ll be able to easily track the places you’ve visited as well as decorate your home with a splendid piece of wall art.

In the Trip Map e-shop, there are two pink world maps to choose from – Pink World Map and Dusty Pink World Map. Both are exceptionally detailed, with plenty of relevant geographical data, which allows you to easily find all of the places you need!

You can find more about our detailed world maps here: “Why Is It Worth Choosing a Detailed Push Pin World Map?”

world traveller map with pins dusty pink

Pink World Map

Our Pink World Map on canvas will be perfect for those who want to create a nostalgic or even romantic atmosphere in their homes. Reminding of a pink summer sunset, this map will bring back the warmest travel memories, and inspire you to travel more.

By pinning travel photos, postcards, or other travel memorabilia, you can turn this map into a beautiful travel journal and make it even more special and meaningful. Rose gold or purple pins will look extremely good on this gorgeous pink world map!

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canvas world map pink push pin
pink world travel map with pins
pink world map
pink world map with personalization

Dusty Pink World Map

If you’re looking for something exceptional yet a bit subtler, Dusty Pink World Map might be a safer choice. This light pink map can stir nostalgic emotions without looking too extravagant. Its soft pinkish tones will nicely fit into most interiors and will never go out of style! 

Dusty Pink World Map will bring out coziness in your living room, bedroom or studio, and can be matched with various colors of pins. Pink, purple, or any glossy pins (silver, gold, rose gold, or dark gold) will look especially fine.

More ideas on where you could hang your push pin travel map here: “Push Pin Travel Maps: 6 Ideas Where to Hang”

dusty pink home decor world map wall art with pins
dusty pink world travel map for couples

Reasons to Choose a Pink World Map from Trip Map

There are many different pink travel maps in the market, from push pin maps to scratch-off maps, canvas and paper posters. However, by choosing a map from Trip Map, you can rest assured to get the best product that will bring you joy for many decades to come.

Here are the main reasons why our pink world maps won’t leave you disappointed:

  • Superb quality. All of the maps from Trip Map are cautiously hand-made in our own studio. By using the premium quality canvas and original CANON inks, we can assure you that the bright pink colors of your world map will not fade over time. More about the Trip Map quality here: https://tripmapworld.com/trip-map-ingredients/.
  • Unique design. Both pink and dusty pink are original world map designs created by our designers and used exclusively for the Trip Map products only.The delicate pink colors nicelycomplement each other and can be matched with various pin colors.
  • Details and practicality. A pink world map on canvas is not only beautiful – it is alsoa practical tool to track your travels. Contrary to pink scratch maps, our push pin maps include plenty of geographical details and can be used to mark various places around the world – not only countries but also cities and smaller towns, islands, water bodies, and other natural attractions.
pinnable world map wall art dusty pink
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