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Canvas Map

A canvas map is a durable, high-quality product that can remain functional and good-looking for many decades, unlike a paper, scratch-off, or any other map. Whether you’re looking for beautiful artwork to brighten up your interior or a meaningful way to commemorate your travels, a canvas map won’t leave you disappointed.

To print our travel maps, we use the highest-quality canvas from European suppliers, chosen after careful consideration and trying out several options. Certified Canon ink and a special protective layer of varnish guarantees that your canvas map will retain its original vivid colors with time passing.

A canvas map is fixed on a wooden underframe that ensures the lightweight of the product, at the same time firmly keeping it in shape. The map is also filled with a foam board that creates the background for the pins. A push pin canvas map can be pinned many times, every time marking a different location that you visited or plan to visit.

A good quality canvas print is resistant to sunlight and staining, though to ensure an impeccable look, it still needs some tender and careful maintenance. You can clean the dust off of your canvas map with a dry and clean cloth. In case there is dirt or stains on the map that are harder to clean, use a wet cloth or even some soapy water, but no cleaning chemicals. You can find more advice on how to properly clean your canvas print here: “How to Clean Canvas Print and Keep It Looking Great?”.

In “Trip Map”, we offer a wide selection of various travel maps on canvas. You can choose from the world, Europe, USA, or England & Ireland maps, as well as different map designs and four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. All of our maps are professionally composed by cartographers and made with love and caution in our studio.

If you’re looking for a unique travel accessory that is also an exceptional piece of artwork, a canvas map from “Trip Map” will definitely bring you joy!