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How to Clean Canvas Print and Keep It Looking Great?

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Our travel maps on canvas are made only from quality materials, using modern manufacturing technology that ensures the longevity of the product (Giclee Print). What it means, is that the picture will keep looking great even after hanging in your home for decades. But of course, with time passing you still should know how to clean canvas print properly, in case it gets dusty or you accidentally make it dirty with your hands.

In the manufacturing process, we’re trying to make the canvas print as resistant to staining as possible (we use a special protective varnish for that). But it’s also important that you take good care of your travel map as well. Below you can see the answers to the main questions about the maintenance of your canvas artwork.

Keep reading to find out how to clean canvas print at home and keep the long-lasting impeccable look.

Can canvas print be cleaned?

Yes, canvas print can be cleaned. Our travel maps are protected with a special layer of varnish which makes the canvas resistant to sunlight and staining. In case your artwork is not varnished, you should only clean it in critical situations and extremely carefully. It’s pretty easy to understand if the canvas was varnished. If it was, the surface of the print will look lustrous and the texture of the material will be less distinct. Without the protective varnish, the print can be easily damaged while cleaning, and the dye can be scratched-off and ruined.

It’s important to know that even varnished canvas should be cleaned carefully. Avoid pressing too much, doing harsh movements or using cleaning tools (for instance, scrubbing sponges, brushes, etc.) that could scratch the surface.

However, tender maintenance is definitely necessary. Canvas artwork covered with a layer of dust will lose its appeal and won’t look as vivid and colorful as it should.

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How to clean canvas print safely?

For cleaning canvas print, only use soft cloths that don’t leave a trail of fluff (microfiber cloths for window-cleaning are great).

  • The dust from the top of the print should be cleaned with a dry clean cloth. The same cloth can be used to brush off the dust from the print’s front, to clean the picture itself.
  • The hard-to-clean dust and other dirt you can clean using a wet cloth. With tender movements, clean off the dirt from the sides and the front. Do not rub the print and only use a cloth that is slightly wet and not dripping. If you’re cleaning a huge print or cleaning more than one print at once, constantly rinse the cloth to keep it as clean as possible.
  • If you have spots on your canvas that are severely dirty or greasy, you can use a bit of soapy water to clean them off. This will help you remove the marks of fingerprints but you need to do it carefully. Heavy rubbing can damage the canvas and you won’t be able to fix it after.
how to clean canvas print and keep it looking great

Can cleaning chemicals be used?

By no means do not use cleaning chemicals such as dish soaps, universal cleaners, etc., to clean your canvas artwork! The only thing you can use is a bit of soapy water.

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How to properly store canvas print, in case it cannot be hanged?

If you have canvas artwork that cannot be hanged at the moment (for example, you’re moving places) you should carefully pack it. The best solution is to wrap the print into a kraft paper and then bubble wrap or other protective material. The wrap protects canvas print both from staining and the possible impact of humidity.

Do not keep your canvas artwork in a damp place such as a storage room, cellar or a garage. To preserve the quality, you should keep the print in a dry place with no major temperature changes, for example, in your home closet.

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Where should you hang your canvas print?

  • On a wall with no direct sunlight. Even though our travel maps on canvas are covered with a protective layer of varnish, we still recommend hanging them in places with less sunlight. In such a way, you’ll protect the canvas print from fading and preserve its flawless appearance. A somewhat sunlit wall or the one that is sunlit for a few hours a day could be a great choice.
  • In a room with no high humidity. With time passing, humidity can spoil not only the canvas itself but also the wooden underframe that it’s set on. We don’t recommend hanging canvas artwork in places without heating or that are damp or cool.
  • In places that don’t experience extreme temperature or humidity changes.

A few tips: how to keep your travel map on canvas clean?

  • Wash your hands before unpacking and hanging your new purchase. Use cotton gloves, if you have it.Β 
  • Wash your hands also before pinning your travel map – you’re about to touch the surface of the canvas.
  • When examining the geographical data, or simply admiring your travel map, try to not touch the surface with your fingers.
  • Try keeping the map on canvas in places where kids cannot reach it. They can make it dirty with their curious fingers.
  • Clean your travel map on canvas often: it’s easier to just brush off the dust from time to time than do it rarely but with a lot of effort.
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