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YouTube Travel Channels: 12 Inspiring Vloggers to Follow

YouTube Travel Channels

There are many ways to look for travel inspiration. Some of us like to examine travel guides and read travel blogs, others watch travel movies and shows, and the rest just listen to their friends and family’s travel stories. Yet another great source of travel inspiration can be YouTube travel channels. On this platform, vloggers share their personal travel footage from various trips, including useful tips and crazy adventures.

Successful travel vloggers are people that throughout the years have become real professionals of their field. Yet unlike TV showrunners or journalists, YouTubers are not restricted by any rules or standards. That is why they can deliver a truly unique, exceptional content, as well as create a personal, even interactive relationship with their followers.

So if you’re willing to set off on a virtual journey with some of the best travel experts, embrace some travel spirit, and learn new things about the wide world – check out these inspiring travel vloggers on YouTube.

Sailing La Vagabond

“Sailing La Vagabond” is a YouTube channel that follows Elayna and Riley, an Australian couple, as they sail around the world. This inspiring duo started their journey in 2014 without having any sailing experience what so ever.

At the moment they’ve already sailed more than 86,000 nautical miles and crossed the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, as well as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean seas. Last year, the couple welcomed their son Lenny into this world, who is now also enjoying the life on the boat. In their videos, Elayna and Riley are sharing breathtaking views from around the globe and some useful information for those who are looking to start sailing.

Best Ever Food Review Show

Sonny is an American who travels around the world tasting the strangest and most interesting dishes from local cuisines, while also introducing his followers to the local culture and customs. From discovering the culinary secrets of the Buddhist monks in Myanmar to eating the Chinese penis fish and visiting the live animal markets in Vietnam, these travel experiences are mouth-watering, surprising and shocking at the same time.

Sonny has been living in Asia for the last decade, though he travels to other continents as well. In his YouTube channel, you can find culinary videos from Madagascar, Cuba, USA, Iran, Japan, India, the Philippines, etc.

Fearless & Far

Mike is one of the most adventurous travel vloggers out there. He’s always on the hunt for extreme and bizarre experiences, weirdest foods, strange local rituals, and crazy festivals. To mention just a few of his adventures, Mike has spent 24 hours buried in sand up to his neck on a beach in the Philippines, took part in an orange fight in northern Italy, and tried out a frog poison ritual in the Amazon.

He’s also visiting the lesser-known, abandoned, haunted, mysterious yet magically beautiful places around the world.

Hey Nadine

Always full of positive energy, Canadian-born Nadine has been traveling for more than a decade. In her YouTube channel, Nadine is showing the fun side of traveling as well as giving out some very practical and useful tips.

For instance, she has specific destination guides for first-time travelers to Russia, Japan, New Zealand, and other places. She’s also sharing videos on packing hacks, choosing the right camera, or being a solo female traveler. Nadine’s channel is full of travel inspiration that will definitely make you dream about your future trips!

Eva zu Beck

Eva zu Beck is another courageous female traveler that started her vlog in 2018. Being quite new to the vlogging field, Eva gained a lot of following as she traveled to the lesser-explored and sometimes dangerous places that most of us probably wouldn’t dare to visit.

In the past years, she’s been to Pakistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. At the moment Eva is based in Socotra, a breathtaking Yemenite island in the Indian Ocean, where she’s hoping to wait out the quarantine.

Bald and Bankrupt

A long-term traveler Benjamin Rich started his travel vlog in 2018, after documenting his trip to India. He’s been particularly interested in the post-communist countries and speaks fairly good Russian, which makes it easy for him to meet the locals and better understand the regional culture.

“Bald and Bankrupt” follows Benjamin’s adventures in Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine, making his videos from Chernobyl especially popular. Apart from the ex-Soviet block, Benjamin travels to other parts of the world as well and has been to Southeast Asia, South America, Cuba, etc.

Drew Binsky

With over 1.5 million followers on YouTube, Drew Binsky is a professional travel vlogger. He also holds two Guinness World Records: for most UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited in 24 hours and quickest suitcase packing! Drew caught the travel bug in 2012 while studying in Prague.

He later moved to South Korea where he taught English and started traveling full-time. Drew’s goal is to visit every country in the world until he turns 30, and by now he already has 189 countries on his list.

The Bucket List Family

Who said that only young and single people can be adventurous? Meet the Gee family, who’s traveling the world with their three small children! It all started in 2015 when Garrett and Jessica decided to sell all of their belongings and started a not-so-typical family life on the road.

Whether it’s enjoying breakfast with giraffes in Kenya or diving with sharks in Mexico, even the youngest Gee family members are included in all of the adventures. “The Bucket List Family” will definitely give you some travel inspiration as well as encouragement to travel with your kids.

Kristen & Siya

Kristen is a long-term traveler and writer behind, travel/lifestyle blog, and brand. Together with her husband and travel partner Siya, they’ve also been creating travel videos for their YouTube vlog. The couple shares fun and engaging content from their travels, as well as practical tips and tricks on packing, finding the best travel deals, dealing with post-traveling depression, staying healthy on the road, etc.

When they‘re not traveling, Kristen and Siya are living in their vintage Airstream travel trailer and are leading a minimalist lifestyle, which you can also know more about if you follow their vlog.

Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens is proud to have 5.5 million followers on YouTube! He claims that food is the main reason to travel, and his videos feature some very delicious travel content. Bangkok-based vlogger publishes new videos twice a week and is a real expert in Southeast-Asian food.

However, Mark’s travels take him to other parts of the world too: in his YouTube channel, you can find culinary videos from Mexico, Peru, Romania, Lebanon, Pakistan, etc. Mark is usually trying out the local cuisines and street food, though sometimes he also savors the more high-end dishes, such as Kobe beef (which costs hundreds of dollars per portion).

Gabriel Traveler

Gabriel is the ultimate travel expert: he’s been traveling for the past 30 years and has been filming his adventures for the last 10. Being on the road for such a long time, Gabriel has accumulated loads of valuable experience, which he also shared in several travel books.

After visiting 72 countries, Gabriel knows the best tricks on traveling super cheap not only in Asia or South America but also in such expensive countries as Switzerland. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast and loves traveling on foot, hiking in the mountains, deserts, national parks, and other wonderful natural places.


Two traveling brothers, Marko and Alex started sharing their travel experiences on YouTube back in 2012. With more than a million followers, today their travel vlog is full of fun stories and personal input, as well as useful tips on finding the best flight deals, picking out a backpack, packing for a hike, etc.

The brothers share a great sense of humor and are extremely open to their followers. Whether it’s hiking the Mount Kilimanjaro or going on vacation to Monaco, Marko and Alex’s high-quality, breath-taking travel videos are truly inspirational. So sit back, relax, and start dreaming about your next holiday destination!

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