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10 Best Travel Shows on Netflix

Best Travel Shows on Netflix

Most of us were caught off guard by the new, much slower life routine. Spending time at home can become a real challenge, especially if you’re used to traveling a lot.

Fortunately, nowadays we have the opportunity to travel not only physically, but also virtually. Streaming networks such as Netflix have been of great help since they offer a variety of travel-related content. Watching travel shows on Netflix while comfortably sitting on your couch is an excellent way to relax, escape reality, and learn something new about the wide world.

There are plenty of choices out there, so I went ahead and picked out 10 travel-related TV series that are really worth your binging time. Do you also have recommendations for good travel shows? Share them in the comments below!

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

The show tracks British comedian Jack Whitehall as he goes on a journey with his father Michael. Jack is young and adventurous, while Michael can be described as an epitome of a conservative, classic British gentleman. Together they attend a Full moon party in Thailand, visit the Angkor temples in Cambodia, continue traveling through Europe and even take a trip to Chernobyl.

The show offers some great travel content, but the comic father-son duo is what makes it really worth watching.

The Kindness Diaries

“The Kindness Diaries” shines in its sincerity. A former broker Leon Logothetis travels the world relying solely on other peoples’ kindness to find shelter, get food and gas, but he’s not allowed to accept money.

The show follows Leon meeting lots of kind people, hearing and witnessing their incredible stories. In exchange for kindness, Leon thanks the good Samaritans with life-changing, unexpected gifts.

Conan Without Borders

“Conan Without Borders” is a collection of late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien’s travel segment. Conan explores different countries while using his witty humor and not always politically correct commentary.

His open personality puts the people he meets at ease and lets the viewer better understand even such serious topics as religious conflicts in Israel, the humanitarian crisis in Haiti or social and political issues in Cuba.

Street Food

Most of us will agree that food is one of the best ways to get to know the local culture. What can be more authentic than savoring freshly made street food from a local market or a curb stand?

“Street Food” takes us to nine Asian cities, where local vendors present traditional cuisines, tell stories and put a light on local culture and customs. The show is very esthetically shot and only takes about 30 minutes per episode – it‘s great for a very enjoyable, mouth-watering binge time.

Somebody Feed Phil

Another great show about culinary travels, “Somebody Feed Phil” tracks Phil Rosenthal, a famous TV writer/producer, on his adventures in Bangkok, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, New York, and elsewhere. The show puts the main focus on food, but it’s also about the journey itself, meeting new friends and exploring unexpected places.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

You might know David Chang, a famous restaurateur, from another Netflix culinary show called “Ugly delicious”. In “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner”, David delves into various local food scenes together with some A-list celebrities.

Actor Seth Rogan shows David around Vancouver, while writer/actress Lena Waithe takes him to LA. David travels to Marrakesh accompanied by model Chrissy Taigen and explores Cambodia together with comic Kate MacKinnon. The show is not only about the food itself, but what the food represents, what kind of history and culture it embodies.

Tales by Light

“Tales by Light” follows the travels of the greatest world photographers. These are the people that devoted their lives to the search of the absolute best shot, constant globetrotting and dangerous adventures.

The show allows us to witness the unbelievable treasures of our planet: the secrets of the underwater world, the rituals of the indigenous people in Australia, the life of the penguins in Antarctica or the anacondas in the Amazon.

Our Planet

“Our Planet” is not a classic travel show. This incredibly beautiful, best quality docuseries takes us to places we’d probably never be able to visit ourselves (like the Arctic tundra or the deepest parts of the ocean).

At the same time, it shows the ugly truth about humans’ impact on the environment and how climate change touches all living creatures. “Our Planet” helps us better understand and appreciate the planet we live on.

Dark Tourist

Dark tourism is a fairly recent trend to visit the places historically associated with death, tragedies, and disasters. Chernobyl probably holds the title of the most popular dark tourism destination today. However, on this show, journalist David Farrier shows us the lesser-known „dark” aspects of various cultures.

He gets to know the real Pablo Escobar’s hitmen in Colombia, travels to a suicide forest in Japan, takes part in voodoo rituals in Africa, and goes on other weird adventures.

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy

“Dangerous World of Comedy” is another non-typical travel show. Comic Larry Charles travels to the more dangerous and sometimes unexpected corners of the world in search of humor while interviewing local comedians.

As Larry travels to Iraq, Somalia, Liberia, Nigeria, or Saudi Arabia, he discovers that people don’t lose the sense of humor even when living in the harshest environments, war-zones, theocracies, or slums.

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