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World Map Canvas

World map canvas is a classic and elegant-looking piece of interior décor that will enlighten any room in your house and become a conversation starter when guests come over. It is also a meaningful and personal way to track your travels, plan future adventures, and can be a great gift for a travel-loving friend.

Already from first sight, you can notice that world map canvas print is of much better quality than any paper map. A map on canvas can be pinned many times — you can even change the location of the pins and still be sure that it will remain to look fabulous. But that is not all: world map canvas is not only of practical use, it is also an exceptional piece of artwork.

We don’t compromise on quality and make sure that our canvas print will be long-lasting, retaining its rich and vivid colors even after many decades. Our world maps are only printed on high-quality canvas from European suppliers that we have carefully chosen after testing 5 different options.

For printing, we use Canon PRO-4000 printer and only the certified original Canon ink. All maps on canvas are also protected with a layer of varnish made specifically for print. We fix our maps on a lightweight, wooden underframe and fill them with a foam board that creates a firm background for the pins. To learn more about how we ensure the highest quality of our canvas print, check out our “Quality Pledge”.

With all the precautions that we take and the quality materials that we use, you can be sure that your world map canvas will keep looking great and be easy to use. Because of the high-quality canvas, the text on the map is always easy to read, so you can find and pin all of the places you have visited around the world, even the smaller cities and towns.

If you’re looking for an original item that will help you cherish your travel memories as well as decorate your home, a world map canvas from Trip Map is a perfect choice.