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Push Pin Map

A push pin map on canvas is an exceptional piece of interior décor that tells your personal story, provides motivation to discover the world, and helps you collect your travel memories. It can also be an amazing and meaningful gift for a travel-loving friend or a couple, your life partner or your family, for any occasion from birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or housewarmings, to Christmas and Valentine’s day.

Our professionally composed, high-quality push pin maps come in various designs and sizes, so everyone can find a map that is best suited for them. You can choose one of our world, Europe, USA, England & Ireland maps, or even combine a few of them! For example, you can use the world map to keep track of your travels around the world and hang the USA map to pin your domestic trips.

A push pin map from “Trip Map” comes to your doorstep ready to be used and is very easy to hang on any wall without drilling. A short manual on how to do it can be found here: “How to hang a Trip Map travel map on a wall without drilling?”.

There are many places in the house you can hang your push pin map, and it is entirely your choice. A lot depends on whether you wish the map to become the main focus of your interior or a more intimate accessory, like a personal travel journal.

If you wish your push pin map to attract attention and become a conversation starter when guests come over, it’s probably best to hang it in a well-visible place, such as a living room, a dining room, or a spacious hallway. If you wish to have a more personal setting and mostly use the map on your own or with your partner, then hang it in the bedroom or your home office.

You can get more ideas on where to hang your travel map, and understand the pros and cons of various hanging locations, here: “Push Pin Travel Maps: 6 Ideas Where to Hang”.

Whatever you choose, a push pin map from “Trip Map” will be a great addition to your home and bring you joy for many years to come!