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Travel Map with Pins

Whether you’re looking for a fun tool to track your travels, an original decoration for your home or a meaningful gift for someone, a travel map with pins is an item that probably already caught your attention. If there’s still some hesitation, here are a few reasons why a travel map from “Trip Map” is an excellent choice.

Firstly, our travel maps with pins are of superb quality. Composed by professional cartographers, the maps are printed on high-quality canvas, using only certified materials and carefully manufactured in our own studio. The high quality of the product means that the map will keep its original look, rich and vivid colors for 80+ years, and will not fade or deform over time. You can find out more about the quality of our maps here: “Quality Pledge”

Second, we offer a wide selection of various travel maps with pins, with lots of gorgeous designs to choose from, four different canvas sizes, and two different layouts. Depending on your travel experiences and your personal needs, you can make your pick among the world, Europe, USA, or England & Ireland push pins maps.

Third, we ship our travel maps internationally, using reliable delivery services. Wherever in the world, you might be, a map from “Trip Map” will reach you in a reasonable amount of time. Our travel maps with pins are always safely and carefully packed for international shipments, using bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box. You can learn more about our shipping process and return policy here: “Shipping & Returns”.

A travel map from “Trip Map” will be delivered to you ready to be hung and used. Because our maps are fixed on a wooden underframe, they are lightweight and extremely easy to hang on any wall without drilling. A short manual on how to hang your travel map can be found here: “How to hang a Trip Map travel map on a wall without drilling?”.

Visit our e-shop to choose a travel map with pins that is right for you, and start documenting your travel adventures!