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World Map Pinboard

Both decorative and functional, a world map pinboard is not only a great tool to track the places you’ve visited — it is also an exceptional piece of artwork that can brighten up your interior and become the main focus of any room.

You might wonder, why should you choose the world map pinboard specifically from “Trip Map”? The main reason is that we take the quality of our maps very seriously. All of our travel maps are long-lasting and resistant to damage due to the superb-quality canvas that we use and the protective layer of varnish that all of our maps are covered with. The world map pinboard itself is filled with foam that creates a firm background for the pins. Unlike any paper map, our canvas pinboards can be pinned many times without losing its impeccable original appearance.

We offer a wide and constantly-growing selection of various travel maps, with 30+ unique world map designs and four different map sizes to choose from. From light-colored pastel maps, vintage and retro designs, to more flamboyant, bright-colored, and political world maps, in our e-shop, there is a design for every taste.

If you’re searching for a more classic, modern, or elegant look, we recommend choosing one of our black and white world map pinboard designs. Black and white is a combination that never goes out of style and can be a safe choice if you’re buying a map as a gift for someone. You can learn more about our black and white world maps here: “4 Unique Black and White Push Pin World Maps”.

With any map design, there’s also a wide selection of pins to choose from. At the moment, we offer 16 different colors of pins, sold in 100 pieces per box (the first 100 pins of your chosen color you’ll get for free with your map purchase). Here’s our full selection of pins: “Pins, needles for push pin travel map”.

A world map pinboard from “Trip Map” is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate your travel adventures!