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4 Unique Black and White Push Pin World Maps


Black and white push pin world map is a classic and solid-looking travel accessory for your home. Whether you’re searching for a “safe” option to liven up a room, or a modern, eye-catching picture, a black and white world map is a great pick.

Check out 4 unique black and white world maps, with their main features described below.

Why should you choose a black and white push pin world map?

The black-and-white color combination is very easy to fit in any kind of interior. It’s a true classic that will never go out of style, just like a classic-cut outfit. Besides, such a push pin world map will be easy to adapt even if your interior changes throughout the years, or in case you move into a different home.

Why should you choose a world map on canvas?

A wall map on canvas looks more pleasing to the eye and is of better quality than a paper map. A well-prepared canvas is long-lasting: even after decades, its colors will look bright and vivid. Such a wall map has two purposes. First of all, it is of practical use as you can use the map for geographical learning. And second, it becomes a very personal, exceptional piece of interior decor in a traveler’s home.

1. World map with black continents and white oceans

In this black and white world political map, the outlines of the continents and islands are especially standing out. The contrast is even more noticeable when the map is hung on a white wall because the white oceans blend into the background. This black and white world map on canvas will look very tasteful in a light interior with black decorations (such as picture frames, furniture, or pillows) in it.

We recommend combining this map with golden or other bright-colored pins, for instance, red, orange, or light green. An unexpected, soft and feminine style can be created using pink pins.

world map black and white canvas pinboard

2. World map with white continents and black oceans

The oceans on this modern and chic map are of extremely deep black color. Because of this dark color, the map looks more “framed” and does not disappear in the background (especially if your walls are white). This black and white world map with countries will liven up your interior as well as draw plenty of compliments from your friends and family. Because of the contrast created by printing black writings on a white background, the geographical data on this map is very easy-to-read.

Our recommendation is to hang this map in a room with dark, black or grey decorations. Golden, red, yellow, and other bright-colored pins are a good match for this map. By choosing the largest format of your black and white push pin world map, you’ll create the most spectacular effect.

world map pinboard canvas black and white
travel gift for girlfriend push pin travel black map

3. Small, black as the night world map

A small world map is a great choice for those who don’t have a lot of space, but still want to have an exceptional interior decoration in their homes. Even in a small format, this deep black world map has a very refined look. You can easily hang it in a small niche, photo gallery, or place it on a shelf somewhere where everyone could see it.

To create a classic look, we recommend combining this small black map of the world with golden, rose gold or red pins.

small black push pin map of the world
map of the world black canvas with pins

4. Small, white and minimalistic world map

Just like the small black world map described above, this white map is a small-size yet exceptional travel accessory. A small-format map doesn’t require a lot of space and can be a great gift for a travel-loving friend. Small white push pin map contains countries, their capitals, states, and main archipelagos of the world.

A white map will look nice in a Nordic (IKEA-style) interior. You can combine it with any colored pins. If you wish to create a subtle look, pick the golden or dark golden pins.

canvas world map pin white
world map with pins on canvas white

Black and white push pin world map will look great in your interior even after many years. To make sure that your travel map serves you well for a long time, please consider these useful tips:

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