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Personalized Travel Map: All You Need to Know

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A personalized travel map is a very special piece of home dΓ©cor that not only keeps the travel memories alive but also represents the personality of its owner. You can purchase it for yourself or your family, as well as get it as a gift for your partner, parents, or friends for various occasions.

Decorated with an inspiring quote or the names of the travelers, a custom-made push pin map is a unique and personal travel accessory – you can be sure that no one else will have the same!

To make it easier to decide and choose the best option, we’ve gathered the answers to the most frequently asked questions about personalized push pin maps.

What personalization options are available?

When personalizing your travel map, you’ll be able to choose out of several different personalization designs (you’ll see them on the product’s page), as well as choose the whole personalization idea – that is, what kind of text you want to be put on the map.

Here are the main and most frequently used personalization ideas: the name or names of the travelers, an inspiring quote, a personalized map legend with the names of the travelers, or other bullet points (for example, the places you have visited/plan to visit), greetings or wishes for the recipient of the map, or a company logo.

You can read more about various personalization options, their pros, and cons, here: β€œ7 Ideas for Personalized World Traveler Map”.

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Can I choose a unique text for my personalization, different from the given examples (for instance, instead of β€œAmanda & Ricardo World Travels” just write a chosen quote)?

Yes, when personalizing your map, you can write any text you want – our designer will adapt it to the chosen design.

How many symbols can I use on my personalized travel map?

The text should be up to 500 symbols. So you can easily write even a longer quote, greeting, etc.

personalized annoversary travel gift

Can I use various letters from different languages (for example, Ε«, Ε³, Γ†, Ø, Γ„, etc.)?

Yes, you can use letters and symbols from different languages, and they don’t have to be only from the Latin alphabet – they can be from other alphabets as well. We’ll adapt your text to the chosen language.

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When choosing the personalized map legend, how many names or bullet points can I create?

There are no restrictions on the map’s legend – you can create as many bullet points as you wish (2, 5, 10, or even 20). Just make sure the whole text doesn’t exceed 500 symbols.

Can I personalize my travel map with a logo (of my company, website, or some other project)?

Yes, this is one of the options. On the product’s page, just choose the design option “Your logo”, and send the logo’s vector file to gerda@tripmap.com (please also include your order number). Allowed formats: .psd .pdf .png .tif .ai.

personalized tripmap

Where exactly will the personalization be visible on the map?

It depends on the type of map. On the World Map, the personalization will be placed on the left bottom corner; the Europe Map – on the left side; the United Kingdom & Ireland Map – on the left top corner; on the USA Map – on the bottom.

Will the color of my chosen text be different according to the design of the map?

Yes, the color of your chosen text will be adapted to the design of your map. For example, if the map is mostly pink – the text will also be pink, if it’s brown – the text will also be brown, etc. The design of your travel map will be customized by our designer – she will make sure that the final result looks appealing and tasteful.

personalized world map with pin on canvas with cities

Will I be able to review my personalized travel map before printing?

Yes, after receiving your order, our designer will make a draft of your personalized map and send it to you to review within 24 hours to your provided e-mail. We’ll start manufacturing the map only after receiving your approval. If you want to make any corrections, don’t hesitate and tell the designer, she’ll make the changes and send you the draft once more.

The sooner we get the approval from you – the sooner we’ll be able to start processing your order.

Can I return or exchange my personalized travel map?

Unfortunately, not. A personalized travel map is a custom-made product and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged. The only time we would exchange your personalized map is if it was damaged during shipment.

How can I order a personalized push pin map?

To order a personalized push pin map, just follow these simple steps:

  1. On the product’s page, choose “Add personalization”.
  2. Choose the personalization design out of the options provided.
  3. In the field below, write down the text of your personalization. Or, in case you choose to personalize your map with a logo, send the logo’s vector file to gerda@tripmap.com.
  4. Place the order and make the payment.
  5. Wait for an e-mail from our designer with a draft of your personalized map.
  6. After receiving the draft, please review it and approve it (or ask for corrections, if you have any).

We’ll start manufacturing the map only after receiving your approval. After your order has been processed, you’ll receive a message to your e-mail with your order’s tracking number.

Detailed Push Pin World Map

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