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Top UK Travel Bloggers: 16 Blogs to Follow for UK Travel Inspiration

Top UK Travel Bloggers 16 Blogs to Follow for Some UK Travel Inspiration

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a weekend getaway, planning your next staycation, or simply want to explore the places to visit in the UK in the future, reading through some travel blogs is a great place to start. There are many UK-based travel bloggers that are worth following, and guess what, most of them are actually staying in and exploring Britain at the moment!

From amazing solo travelers and adventurous couples to London-focused guides and family travel blogs, here are 16 of the top UK travel bloggers you should follow for some UK travel inspiration.


Tripsget presents itself as a travel & lifestyle blog for young professionals who prefer spending money on travel rather than clothes and alcohol. Run by Liza and Pepe, a couple of millennials based in London, this blog focuses on weekend getaways, destination guides, and useful travel tips. Although they have been to over 90 countries, Liza and Pepe love traveling around the UK as well. There’s a huge UK travel section on their blog and lots of great ideas on what to explore in London and around.

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Vicky Flip Flop

A full-time traveler and writer Victoria Philpott started her travel blog VickyFlipFlop to report back on her adventures and inspire her readers to get out of the comfort zone and explore the world. Known as a festival-enthusiast and having traveled to 77 countries, she is now based in Southsea on the south coast of England and spends a lot of time traveling around the UK. Recently, she even started a new travel blog dedicated only to traveling in England:

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The Travel Hack

One of UK’s leading travel blogs, The Travel Hack calls itself “The weekend travel blog”. Run by Monica Stott, now a mom-of-three from North Wales, it focuses on weekend breaks and affordable adventures. As a family travel blog, it also touches on subjects related to traveling with children, and maternity in general. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to plan your UK staycation or just some ideas for a weekend trip, Monica’s blog is a great place to start.

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Luxury Columnist 

Luxury Columnist is one of the best UK travel blogs that focuses on luxury travel. It was started by Suze and Paul, two Londoners who specialize in luxury brand and destination photography and focus on luxury trends, hidden gems, and unique experiences. The couple has traveled to over 50 countries but loves exploring London and the UK as well. In their blog, you’ll find plenty of recommendations for fancy restaurants, luxury hotels, and places to visit locally.

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Hand Luggage Only

Meet Yaya and Lloyd – two fun-loving travel enthusiasts who started Hand Luggage Only blog back in 2014. The couple can now proudly call themselves one of the most popular travel bloggers in the UK, with millions of visitors on their website, and 102k Instagram followers. Having explored the bigger part of the world, Yaya and Lloyd also share a ton of useful tips and recommendations on what to visit in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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The Cornish Life

Anna from The Cornish Life blog presents herself as a lifestyle blogger and a beach lover. Living in Cornwall, England, she’s been sharing the moments of her Cornish life and travels since 2015. Over recent years, Anna’s blog has become a great source of information about everything Cornish. Visit her website and check out the most interesting things to do, places to visit, best restaurants, hotels, and beaches in the beautiful county of Cornwall.

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Emily Luxton

Emily Luxton is one of the top UK travel bloggers and a freelance writer who focuses on solo female adventures. Practicing deep & slow travel, Emily is really trying to explore the culture of a place she’s visiting, and the local people she’s meeting, rather than just ticking off the usual touristic landmarks. She grew up and is currently based in the South of England and has a lot of insider tips to share with her readers.

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Bald Hiker

BaldHiker blog was started in 2010 by Paul Steele, a hiking and trekking enthusiast who was initially just sharing his personal travel adventures. During the years, the blog has grown into a full-scale travel website where various travelers share their stories, travel tips, recommendations on food, places to stay, best beaches, hiking gear, etc. Therefore, huge section of the website is dedicated to Britain and the UK in general, so if you‘re planning your next staycation or a weekend getaway, BaldHiker is a great source to explore.

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London x London

London x London presents itself as the “smart person’s guide to discovering the best of London”. Run by Julianna Barnaby, one of the top UK travel bloggers, London x London is packed with travel tips, area guides, and recommendations on where to find the best eats, quirkiest pubs, and coolest spots in town. As a born and bred Londoner, Julianna takes her readers to the undiscovered places in London that are beyond the well-known touristic landmarks.

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A Lady in London

Another great London travel guide blog, A Lady in London, was started by an ex-pat Californian living in the British capital. Currently celebrating its 13th anniversary, this travel & lifestyle blog features London’s most famous landmarks and hidden gems, the best places to eat, hang out, and explore. Therefore, A Lady in London is a great source of information on everything London-related.

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The Chaotic Scott

If you’re looking for some Scottish travel inspiration, check out the Chaotic Scott travel blog. Started in 2013 by Scottish native Kay, this blog focuses on traveling in Scotland and all its hidden gems. Kay is now a full-time travel blogger and itinerary planner who’s dedicating her time and career to promote Scotland. She loves the Scottish islands, quirky accommodation, good food, and will tell you all about how to travel Scotland without a car (Kay doesn’t drive and always uses public transportation).

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North East Family Fun

One of the leading family travel blogs in the UK, North East Family Fun is run by Sam, a 30-something mom of three who’s based in the North East of England. The blog focuses on the ups and downs of parenthood and shares tips about family vacations, recommendations for various family activities, where to stay and where to eat as well as ideas on traveling around the North East region and the UK in general.

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Tin Box Traveler

Tin Box traveler is another great family travel blog that is worth following. Started by Claire, a mom of two, this blog is packed with useful tips about traveling with kids, family-friendly attractions, packing lists, and family accommodation. The Tin Box family is based in Devon and loves traveling around England and the UK. Interestingly, Claire is also running another family travel blog dedicated only to Devon:

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An Adventurous World

An Adventurous World was created in 2014 by Macca Sherifi, now one of the top UK travel bloggers. Having adventurous parents, Macca started traveling at a young age and later decided to make a career out of it. He worked as a travel journalist for a while, before fully diving into blogging and travel photography. You’ll find some awesome travel photos and videos (there’s a YouTube channel as well) on his blog, both from the UK and around the world.

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Wanderlust Chloe

One of the leading UK travel blogs, Wanderlust Chloe is all about adventure, great food, style, and memorable experiences. It is run by Chloe Gunning, a travel blogger and creative producer who started traveling full-time in 2014. Lately, Chloe has been exploring the UK and even started a new project, @greatbritishbucketlist, and Instagram account featuring the best places to visit in Britain.

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Postcards by Hannah

Hannah is a successful travel blogger, social media manager, and photographer. Based in Northamptonshire, England, she loves traveling around Britain and can tell you all about the most picturesque and instagrammable places to visit, and the best boutique hotels to stay at. She’s also running another great Instagram account, dedicated to the UK travel, @instabritain. 

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